Shower Bases

Shower Trays can be constructed your individual size and design as the site allows, out of “Hebel Lite Brick” or varying heights of Aluminum but not of Timber. Even Hobless where there is nothing to step over. The Modern Trend now and useful for invalid, Frail and Aged.

Total wall sealing may well not be required to conform with Australian Standards but water can transgress thru Grout lines into wall sheeting causing unseen damage and for a little extra well worth the cost.

Shower Trays can be Constructed to Individual Size and Requirements.
Hobbed Trays are constructed with “Hebel Lite Brick” to varying Heights are Shapes.
Hobless by Installing Aluminum Angle of varying Heights or by Sealing entire Floor for Invalid Access.

  • Can be Constructed to individual requirements.
  • Entire Floor & Wall can be Sealed then tiled directly onto Membrane with full confidence of Adhesion to all types of Glue.